Město Jirkov


Traditional Jirkov events


Start of the hiking season (April)                                              Tourists

- hiking and cyclist routes leading to the surroundings of the town






The Kludsky Garden (May) - theatre and music festival. A festival held on the premises of the Kludsky villa - performances of various theatre groups, musical groups, choirs as well as individual artists and performers. The event attracts a lot of audience and is suitable for all age groups.

Garden Kludský Garden Kludský


Jirkov Cross-Country Marathon (June) - a traditional competition for runners, cyclists and hikers. The route brings the competitors in the surroundings of the town, in the direction towards the mountains. About one hundred competitors participate every year.


Jirkov Miners' Funfair (September) - an annual funfair with an attractive music program, many market stands, refreshment kiosks, funfair goods and lot more attractions. During the event, a nominated town personality is awarded the Jirka‘s Prize. The event, which takes place in the town centre, is suitable for families with children.

Pilgrimage Pilgrimage Pilgrimage


Jirkov “Song Brewery” (October) - festival and competition of choirs held at the Červený hrádek chateau. The jury, comprising of outstanding Czech specialists in choir singing, awards the Jirkov Knight Prize. During the festival, workshops and concerts are

End of the hiking season (October) - hiking and cyclist routes leading to the surroundings of the town
Advent (December) - a traditional three-day fund-raising event organised by the pupils of Jirkov primary schools, the School of Art and the Children's Centre for Free-time Activities Paraplíčko. Visitors can buy Christmas decorations and presents made by the children or enjoy afternoon performances in Kostelní Street.
Advent Advent
Live Nativity Scene (December) – The Červený hrádek château is a traditional meeting place for the local people in the busy advent time. Thousands of visitors come to see the Live Nativity Scene performed here every year on the Christmas Eve. Many of these visitors use this opportunity to meet friends and wish them a merry Christmas and a happy new year.